Here it is--our Complete Compact Indoor Growing System that can be assembled in about a half hour and is completely ready to grow leafy green vegetables and fish right in your house. You are seeing our Prototype FFGS-C5. We have decided to go with a clear acrylic fish tank so you have the best of both worlds--Aquaponics with an Aquarium.

We recently got a full grow out of delicious lettuce, and have just started selling this great little Indoor System. We don’t sell a new Food Forever™ Growing System design without testing it first; and testing means growing food. Take a look at the wonderful lettuce we grew in our FFGS-C5 this summer below. Start growing your own lettuce, basil, cilantro, spinach and other leafy green veggies right in your own kitchen with this great little complete, compact system.

Teachers, this new economical compact system will also work like a charm in a classroom. You can turn your classroom into an “Edible Schoolroom” in minutes offering your students innumerable learning opportunities for a small investment.

Food Forever™ Growing Systems can be used to teach Biology, Chemistry, Language Arts, Gardening and more!

30 Gallon Rectangular Clear Acrylic Covered Fish Tank

Proven, EZ-Clean Bell Syphon

Highly Efficient Water-Delivery System

Hydro-Foam Hybrid Growing System Including Hydroton

All Bulkhead Fittings and Valves

Reinforced Multi-level Stand with Top Shelf

Pre-installed Bulkheads

Submersible Pump and Plumbing

Air Pump and Aerator

Jet-Back Aeration Sprayer

Digitally Controlled 200 Watt Heater

Fluorescent Fish Tank Light

Deep-Media, EZ-Reach, Rapid Cycle, Hybrid Grow Bed with over 5 sq. ft. of Growing Area (Aprox. 4.5 sq. ft. of planting area)   

Accessories Kit Include:

API Fresh Water Test Kit

Starter Bacteria

Water Cleaning Solution

Fish Net

90 Days of Tech Support and

Assembly and Start-up Manual

Shipping is by truck.  Your system arrives on a pallet. Cost depends on distance. We will contact you about the shipping price. Shipping from California to the east coast can cost up to $650. Crating is $100.


The Grow Bed is a Bio-Filter and serves a dual purpose. It provides a bed for holding your plants in place and the grow bed media serves as a bio-filter by providing a home for friendly bacteria (much like those found in soil), which convert the fish waste to nutrients necessary for your plants to grow. For more detailed information, go to our Grow Beds In Action Page.

The Deep-Media, Easy-Reach Grow Bed is 11 inches deep as opposed to shallow-media Grow Beds that are about 7 inches deep. The advantages of a Deep-Media Grow Bed are many. There is more media in them to cultivate a greater amount of the friendly bacteria necessary to convert the fish waste into nutrients for optimum plant growth. Due to their depth, these grow beds don’t need to be emptied and cleaned because the fish waste naturally breaks down as it migrates over time to the bottom of these deep Beds. This feature alone makes Deep-Media Beds a must.

The Grow Bed Media we use and recommend is called Hydrocorn. You can read all about it by going to the Hydrocorn Page.  Hydrocorn is made up of very porous kernals of fired natural clay, allowing it to harbor a lot of friendly bacteria. We have field tested Hydrocorn and find it to be an excellent and easy to work with Grow Bed Media. This System ships complete with the exact amount of Hydrocorn you need.

The white water ring you see above has recently been redesigned; and will not be visible. Instead Deep-Delivery Water Rings deposit the water deep into the Grow Bed so the fish waste doesn’t accumulate at the surface of the bed. This allows for better distribution of the incoming water from the Fish Tank.

$ To Be Announced

Grow Bed Media Included



Proven, EZ-Clean Bell Syphon large enough for an average sized man to get his hand into in order to clean out any roots that may have accumulated in the Grow Bed and gotten into the syphon. These syphons have been proven over time to be reliable, dependable and efficient. They have been designed with a 4” inside diameter and are based on lessons learned from past experience. The syphon stand-pipe has recently been upgraded to make it easy to get out and back into the flange with simple pressure rather than having to screw it in.  Go to the “Grow Beds” Page for more info.



This system is Fully Plumbed

Our efficient, ingenious plumbing package offers everything you need to run your complete Food Forever™ Growing System.

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The FFGS-C5 in our Dining Room tucked behind our table and next to the breakfast bar. This unit is like another appliance in your home. It’s neutral black and white colors blend with your other kitchen appliances like your stove or refrigerator. Ours is sitting next to our white bread maker and our black “Freshlife” Sprouter.

To make the FFGS-C5 even more home decor friendly, we are even offering custom colors and designs for the fluorescent lighting shroud that wraps around the top of the unit to keep the light in the Grow Bed and out of your eyes.

The neutral Black and White Colors blend with kitchen appliances and the light-reflective shroud comes in a variety of trim choices offering you a custom look that matches your room decor. When we contact you about the shipping cost, we will ask about which color or design number that you have chosen for your shroud.

T5 Fluorescent Grow Light with Timer   

All Included

These T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights have been grow tested in our Growroom and work like a charm to grow out leafy greens. We test everything before we sell it and have planted, grown and eaten some wonderful varieties of lettuce under these lights. The provided Fluorescent Grow Light is great for growing leafy greens but does not have the proper combination of colors to grow out flowering plants. 

The Included 30 Gallon Rectangular Clear Acrylic Covered Fish Tank is the perfect tank for this Indoor Food Forever™ Growing system. It fits perfectly on the reinforced multi-level stand for excellent support and immobility. The Water Spray Back jet adds extra aeration to the system and circulates the water.

This Fish Tank is clear allowing you to see your fish in the tank. The Cover serves multiple purposes. It keeps your fish inside the tank along with any odors that may be present. The Cover also serves to reduce evaporation of the water in your Aquaponics system. A Fluorescent Tube light has been added to the bottom of the stand shelf that sits above the tank illuminating it and giving your fish a sense of daylight. The handy included Timer controls the Fluorescent Grow Light and the Fish Tank Light turning them on and off to simulate day and night. We recommend you raise gold fish, other ornamental fish or use this tank to raise your Tilapia fingerlings when one of your larger FFGS Systems births a batch of babies. This tank is too small to grow out adult Tilapia.

A Digitally Controlled 200 Watt Heater has been added to keep your tank water at optimum temperature for growing tropical fish like Tilapia. Gold Fish, Coy or Perch would also work well in this Mini Indoor Plug-In and Grow Food Forever™ Growing System. The Heater comes with a Controller that reports and controls your water temperature.

Look at all of the amazing features this Indoor Mini System offers:

Below is a photo of the T5 Fluorescents growing out beautiful lettuce in one of our larger systems in our Growroom. They’ll do the same thing in this Compact Indoor Plug-In & Grow System. Watch for those pictures coming soon.














Here’s a picture of lettuce growing in this nifty little system in early July. We’ll keep posting photos as the lettuce matures and is ready for harvest. It’s going to be so great to just walk over to the dining room and pick a bowl of lettuce. Watch for more photos here.

Imagine walking a few feet over to your FFGS-C5 Food Forever™ Growing System and picking beautiful leaves of lettuce, basil, cilantro or other leafy greens you choose to grow.

The FFGS-C5 also makes a great system for schools because it can fit right into a small space in the classroom. We call this turning your classroom into an Edible Schoolroom.

This Food Forever™ Plug In & Grow System comes with the works.  It includes:

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Shroud Trim #1

FFGS-C7  $ To Be Announced

Here’s an FFGS-40 in the Davis Bilingual Elementary

School Library, Tucson, AZ

School Package

The FFGS-C5 is a popular School System so we have bundled all of the things required to set up a complete School System in one easy to purchase ADD TO CART Button. The School Package includes the following:


Live Fingerlings

Fish Food for 1 Year

Seed Starter Kit

Shipping is not included. It is by truck. We will contact you with the shipping price. It will depend upon distance and can range from $500 and up.

Click here to go to our Aquaponics in the Classroom Page for more Information.Aquaponics_USA_Classroom.html

School Package

$To Be Announced


     Grow Light Included


Teachers, Scroll down for a complete School Package.

Click Here for Itemized School

Package Price Sheets

C5 Pictured,

C7 Coming Soon