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Aquaponics Growing System FGS-44L


Shipping is not included and is by truck. Your system arrives on a pallet. Cost depends on the distance from our facility in Arizona and will be from $700 and up. We must get shipping quote approval prior to us starting your System build.

Shown above is our newest system, the FGS-44L, a 44 square foot linear grow-bed system. The FGS-44L, is a large Family & STEM Food Growing System. This system utilizes four of our proven grow beds positioned in a linear row on either side of the fish tank, the same strong grow beds used with our FGS-20 System. Learn aquaponics fast with 90 Days of included Tech Support. Just add grow bed media, (available below) water and fish. Referred to as the “Cadillac” of aquaponics systems by an expert in the field. Family & STEM Food Growing systems are designed for efficient, fast food growth. Tank Heater, Grow Bed Media, Fish, Fish Food and Automatic Fish feeder extra (See STEM Package Below).

Aquaponics STEM

The Grow Beds/Bio-Filters serve a dual purpose. They provide a bed for holding your plants in place and also serve as bio-filters by providing a home for friendly bacteria (much like those found in soil), which convert the fish waste to nitrates necessary for your plants to grow. For more detailed information, go to our Grow Beds In Action Page.

The Grow Bed Media we use and recommend is called Hydroton. You can read all about it by going to the Media Page.  Hydroton is pH neutral and made up of very porous kernels of fired natural clay, allowing it to harbor a lot of friendly bacteria. We have field tested Hydroton and find it to be an excellent and easy to work with Grow Bed Media. You can purchase our systems with or without Hydroton.

Deep-Media Grow Beds are 12 inches deep as opposed to shallow-media Grow Beds that are about 7 inches deep. The advantages of Deep-Media Grow Beds are many. There is more media in them to cultivate a greater amount of the friendly bacteria necessary to convert ammonia from the fish waste into nitrates for optimum plant growth and allowing for higher fish stocking density and more time for the solid waste to break down. Due to their depth, these grow beds don’t need to be emptied and cleaned as often because the fish waste naturally breaks down as it migrates over time to the bottom of these deep Beds. This feature alone makes Extra Deep-Media Beds a must in a system this size.

Our Grow Beds Are Rapid Cycle and well Supported by strong Tables and pedestals. These Grow Beds are unique in that they move the water in and out of the Grow Bed at a higher rate than traditional Flood & Drain Grow Beds. This provides lots of oxygen for the vegetable roots to grow stronger and faster. A Rapid Cycle Grow Bed also provides more life-giving oxygen to the bacteria for fish waste conversion, which allows for higher density fish stocking. Our Grow Beds hold lots of Grow Bed Media and water without becoming overloaded.

Deep-Delivery Water Rings deposit the water deep into the Grow Bed so the fish waste doesn’t accumulate at the surface of the bed. This allows for better distribution of the incoming water from the Fish Tank.

Proven External Loop Syphons allow for maximum unobstructed growing area. This design allows for the full use of the grow bed without syphon components taking up any of your grow bed planting area. Go to our Grow Beds page for more information.

STEM Package

With the FGS-44L and STEM Package we have bundled all of the things required to set up a complete system in one easy to purchase ADD TO CART Button.

The FGS-44L STEM Package includes the following:

Seed Starter Kit

Grow Bed Media

50 Live Tilapia Fingerlings

Fish Food for up to 1 Year

Automatic Fish Feeder

800 Watt Titanium Heater with Digital Controller

Optional: Mars Hydro FC-3000 LED Grow Lights

(Lights must be supported separately from the System)

STEM & Family Growing System – FGS-44L

Scroll down for STEM Package details that describe everything included.

The FGS-44L gives you 44 square feet of unobstructed Planting area. This system makes a perfect teaching system due to it’s ability to accomodate numerous students around each of the grow beds and fish tank. You get everything you see above and more including:

          A 320 gallon Fish Tank

               Pre-installed Bulkheads

               Dual Submersible Water Pumps and Plumbing

               Float Valve and Fish Tank Net Cover

               Air Pump and Aerators

          Four 11 sq. ft., Bottom Insulated, Deep-Media Grow Beds for Better Bio-Conversion of Fish Waste

               Each bed gives you 11 sq. ft. of unobstructed planting and growing area

               Extra Deep Grow Beds for maximum processing allowing for up to 50 pounds of fish

               Proven External Loop Syphons for Maximum Unobstructed Growing Area

               Highly efficient Deep Water Delivery keeping the grow bed top clean of fish waste

               All Bulkhead Fittings and Valves

               Black Steel Grow Bed Stands

          Accessories Kit

               Water Measuring Devices

               Starter Bacteria

               Water Cleaning Bacteria

               Fish Net

               90 Days of Tech Support

               Assembly and Start-up Manual

     This system is Fully Plumbed

          Our efficient, ingenious plumbing package offers everything you need to run your

          FGS-44L Aquaponics system.

Aquaponics 101

FGS-44L STEM Package

Without Grow Lights $5,895

With Mars Hydro FC-3000

LED Grow Lights $7,355

Bring Your Classroom to Life


Grow Bed Media Not Included $3,995

Shipping is not included and is by truck. Your system arrives on a pallet. Cost depends on the distance from our facility in Arizona and will be from $700 and up depending on your location. Contact us for a shipping quote. We must get shipping quote approval prior to us starting your System build.

Footprint 6' x 20' 8"

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