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Here's How It Works: (Scroll to bottom for STEM Quick Kit information)

STEP 1: Choose which Quick Kit System you want to purchase. You have 3 Choices below. To learn more about the system, click on the image and go to the System Page; but don't pay attention to the price listed there. You'll be paying less for your system and you will not be paying a big separate Shipping Freight Charge. Scroll down for step 2.

NOTE: QUICK KITS do not come with table tops and stands, you will need to build your own tables.

This is the EZ-22QK  

NOTE: QUICK KITS do not come with grow bed table tops and table pedistals. Those you need to build with the supplied drawing and hardware. You need to obtain some 3/4 inch plywood and 8 each 4" x 4" x 30" long wooden poles for the corners. The fish tanks are shiped directly from the manufacture and can take several weeks to receive depending on their production schedule.

It's Great for small spaces because you can push it up against a wall.

The QUICK KIT manual tells you how and where to drill a few holes in your Grow Beds and Fish Tank for your bulkheads, float valve, etc. You do a little carpentry work to build the pedestals and table tops to QUICK KIT specs. Wah La! You have a EZ-22.

We Ship you everything else (list of what comes in the QUICK KIT Box below).


Here's how some of the items will look when it arrives. The fish tank top net and fish net will be shipped in your box.

Our new high quality fish nets have a short handle for ease of use and shipping.

Here's What Comes In The QUICK KIT Box We Ship To You:

Aquaponics Support Kit

Here's What Makes This All Possible:

A QUICK KIT Manual was written for the System. This manual has complete detailed instructions and specifications for building the Tables (which are not included in the Kit) and Assembling your System after cutting circular holes in each Grow Beds and in the Fish Tank for placing the required Bulkhead fittings.

STEP 3: Once you have received your Fish Tank, Your Grow Beds, your Grow Bed Media (if ordered) and your QUICK KIT Boxes from us, you're ready to Build and Assemble your System. Follow the instructions in your QUICK KIT Manual; and feel free to call for Tech Support: 760-671-3053

This QUICK KIT is the most inexpensive way to purchase a Food Forever™ Growing System because it costs less than our standard Systems and QUICK KITS do not require the extra Freight Shipping Charges, which range from $500 to $1,000 depending on system and location.

Bulkheads, Sumbersible Pump, Manifold

with Valves and Plumbing, Float Valve

Kit, Fish Net Cover, An Air Pump and

two Aerators.

For Your Fish Tank you will receive the following:

For Your Grow Beds you will receive the following:

All Bulkhead Fittings, Efficient Deep

Delivery Water and Siphon Yokes,

Proven Rapid-Cycle Loop Siphon

(that does not take up valuable Grow

Bed space).

For Your Accessories you will receive the following:

A FreshWater Master Test Kit, Starter

Bacteria (Quick Start), Water Cleaning

Solution (Stress Zyme), Fish Net, Fish

Tank Top Net, Digital Fish Tank

Thermometer, QUICK KIT Assembly and

Start-up Manual, 90 Days of Tech

Support, Aquaponics USA Stickers

Quick Kit is now available for our EZ-22 STEM Food Growing System. Everything you've read above applies to STEM Food Growing Systems as well.

What's different are the bundled Add-On's and, therefore, the price.

Turn your classroom into an Integrated STEM Classroom while getting your Shop Class or Maintenance folks in on your plan.

The EZ-22S is a popular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) System so we have bundled all of the things required to set up a complete Quick Kit STEM system into the in one easy to purchase ADD TO CART Button (above). The STEM Package includes the following:

An EZ-22QK System, PLUS

The Grow Bed Media

25 Live Tilapia Fingerlings

Fish Food bundle for full fish growout

An Automatic Fish Feeder

Feeder to Fish Tank Mounting Bracket

A 800 Watt Titanium Heater with Digital Controler

Seed Starter Kit


Grow Lights Fluorescent or LED to fit the System

(Grow Lights must be supported separately from the System)

EZ-22:       $2,499                   $3,955          Plus Shipping

EZ-22QK:       $2,629                   $4,192       Includes Shipping

STEM Package

STEP 2: Order your QUICK KIT System and be prepared to receive your Grow Beds and your Fish Tank direct from our suppliers. This means you need to use an address that will be able to receive a large, palletized shipment. If you ordered a System with Grow Bed Media (EZ-22QKS), it will also come from the same supplier as the grow beds on the same pallet.

Also, be prepared to receive two QUICK KIT Boxes shipped from us via UPS or FedEx.


Add between $700-$1,000 Extra to the Standard System Prices for Freight Charges. The big advantage to the Quick Kits is you do not pay Freight and all shipping charges are included in these listed prices.

EZ-22 vs EZ-22 Quick Kit

Basic System  –  STEM Package  –  Shipping

All of these QUICK KIT Prices include Shipping. You do not have to call us to get the price for the big Truck Freight.

Still wondering which way to go? Here's a little help below.


Scroll down for STEM Package details that describe everything included.

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Aquaponics Quick Kit Manual
Aquaponics Quick Kit STEM
Aquaponics Quick Kit
Aquaponics Quick Kit in a Box


$2,543 (PO), $2,289 (Prepay)

Basic System


$4,151 (PO), $3736 (Prepay)

STEM System (see below)


$4,860 (PO), $4,374(Prepay)

STEM System with Fluorescent Grow Lights


$5,550 (PO), 4,995 (Prepay)

STEM System with

L600 LED Grow Lights

Price Comparisons between our Standard Systems that only need minimal Assembled and QUICK KIT Systems that need a little building and Assembly.