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Aquaponics 101 Part 3 Answers


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Below are the Answers to the Part 3 Quiz.

1.  What is the reason for my 1:1 ratio limitation regarding grow

    bed container capacity to fish tank capacity.

    ANSWER: "With a one to one grow bed to fish tank volume

    ratio, the water level in the fish tank won't go so low as to

    stress the fish."

2. Why does the 1:1 ratio change to 1.3:1 when you're using

    gravel media in your grow beds instead of Hydroton?

    ANSWER: "Because gravel displaces more water than the


3.  What's the preferred height of the fish tank from the


    ANSWER: "24 inches"

4.  Why are shorter fish tanks in this height range preferred?

    ANSWER: "You don't have to use a step to work in the grow

    beds or add a sump tank to catch the grow bed water."

5.  What function does a water pump serve in relation to the

    fish waste solids?

    ANSWER: "It breaks them down the into smaller components,

    increasing the surface area and allows for the heterotrophic

    bacteria to do a faster job of mineralization".

6.  How do you purge the lines to the grow beds?

    ANSWER: "You fully open the individually grow bed control

    valves for a short period of time."

7.  Why do you need to purge the lines to the grow beds and

    how often should you do this?

    ANSWER: "The fish waste solids are heavier than water and

    the slow flow up to the grow beds doesn't allow for all of

    the solids to make it into them. This slow upward flow causes

    accumulation of solids in the plumbing, which the purging

    alleviates. You need to do this weekly."

8.  ANSWER: The auto siphon uses gravity flow to return the

    water  from the grow beds to the fish tank or sump tank.

9.  What's the name of the second type of siphon other than

    the Bell Siphon?

    ANSWER: "Loop Siphon"

10. What are the advantages of this other type of siphon?

    ANSWER: "Loop Siphons have a better range of water flow,

    they cycle more rapidly and they leave more grow bed

    space for planting."

11. ANSWER: A water pump should be capable of turning

    over the total gallons of water in the fish tank every 30

    minutes at a minimum of 6 feet of head pressure.

12. ANSWER: In sizing your pump, you need to make sure you

    have enough flow to fill all of your grow beds at least

    4 times an hour.

13. ANSWER: Tilapia grow twice as fast when the DO is above

    6 ppm than when it is below 3 ppm.

14. ANSWER: Thermal stability depends on only one element in

    your AP System. False should be circled

If you're not happy with your results, just go back to Part 3, Re-read and Study it; and take the Quiz again. It's not about the grade you get on the test, it's about the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to being an AP farmer. Oliver

14 Correct Answers = A+

13 Correct Answers = A

12 Correct Answers = B+

11 Correct Answers = B

10 Correct Answers = C

Now, you can check your Answers and give yourself a Grade:

9 Correct Answers = D

8 Correct Answers = D-

7 or Less Correct Answers = F