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       JANUARY 2019 Newsletter        #40

This Newsletter is all about our Come Back after a long absence from writing Newsletters after our big move from California to Arizona and a foray into other projects.

We're introducing one of our newest STEM Food Growing System, the FGS-44 which is a real beauty, and one has already been shipped to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in Tucson, Arizona.

Aquaponics USA Newsletters Group 3

There were no Newsletters

between April 2017 & Dec. 2018

We Took A Long Newsletter Break!

         September 2016 Newsletter  #33

This Newsletter is about the relationship between Gluten and Obesity. Part 16 of our Series, Obesity In AMERICA.

It focuses on the harmful effects of Gluten and tells the sad story of what has happened to wheat in the US that now has our wheat containing 10 times more Gluten than it did 50 years ago.

We are not wriiting Newsleters at this time as we are too busy maintaining our new Arizona Greenhouse that is three times larger than the one in California. We are also spending more time servicing our Customers and building our STEM & Family Food Growing Systems.

TEACHERS: The Newsletters Linked here are NOT OUT OF DATE. The important information they share is as true now as when they were written and they would make an incredible assignment for any Teacher interested in helping their students understand the important Food Focused Subjects they cover. January 2019 was our last Newsletter. If or when we bring them back we'll let you know.

NEWSLETTERS GROUP 3 are mostly about the important Subject of OBESITY IN AMERICA focusing on DIABETES in 3 Parts

INFORMATIVE NEWSLETTERS about our Food System, the Food Revolution, Diabetes, Obesity In America