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Aquaponics PPK Super Sprouter w Light Box
Aquaponics PPK Super Sprouter w Light

Super Sprouter™ Premium Propagation Kit (PPK) provides a complete system for starting your seeds or cuttings. The kit includes a Super Sprouter™ 7 inch Ultra Clear Vented Dome with built in light track channels, Super Sprouter™ 18 inch high output T5 grow light designed for the channeled dome, Super Sprouter™ Double Thick 10 x 20 inch tray with no holes, Super Sprouter™ heat mat, Art of Propagation booklet with expert advise for starting seedlings and cuttings and a packet of Clonex® Rooting Gel. All that's required is your growing media (below) and you are good to grow. Mat is ETL listed and the light is UL listed.

PPK  $74

SSPS $39

AquaponicsA-OK Starter Pluugs

A-OK Starter Plugs™ for starting seeds and rooting of cuttings. A-OK Starter Plugs™ have 98 x 1½ inch plugs per flat and come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10" x 20" tray (flat). Available in a box of 4 or 10 sheets.

A-OK-4 $64

A-OK-10 $149

Aquaponics SSPS Super Sprouter Propagation Station

Super Sprouter Propagation Station with 7 in Dome - Start your growing season early with everything you need in this kit to start your seedlings. It is proven that seeds grow better with ambient temperatures 10°F-20°F above room temperature. The Super Sprouter™ Seedling Heat Mat will provide even warm temperatures for your plant starts. The 7in dome will give your plants more room to grow with humidity control. Kit includes: Super Sprouter™ Seedling Heat Mat 10 in x 21 in; 72 site Seed Cell Tray Insert; 10 in x 20 in Propagation Tray; Humidity controlled Super Sprouter™ 7 in Propagation Dome with Vents. Clonex® Cloning Gel packet. The Seedling Heat Mat is ETL listed.

Aquaponics Super Sprouter Thermostat

The Super Sprouter® Digital Heat Mat Thermostat is easy to use. Simply plug the heat mat into the thermostat and place the temperature probe in desired location. The temperature control range is 68° F - 108° F (20° C - 42° C). Temperature is easily viewed through the back lit digital display, allowing you to accurately set ideal germinating or rooting temperatures. Maximum current rating is 8.3 amps/1000 watts. The Super Sprouter® Digital Heat Mat Thermostat comes with a one year warranty. ETL listed.

DHMT $37