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The two most important ways to prepare for food shortages:

Doing both is highly recommended!

The US Govenment has not put the brakes on massive spending and the Covid scare has made run aqay spending even worse. It’s a sign the time has come to start preparing for drastic changes in how we live our lives and especially in how we approach FOOD. It’s time to become Food Independent. Food Independence is a part of what “Preppers” are all about. If you’re hearing that term for the first time, welcome to the fast growing community that identifies itself with that catchy label. So what’s a “Prepper” and how many of them are there? This segment of the US population is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with their numbers. Last count, there were over 4 million people self-identifying as “Preppers”.

If you do some exploring in this realm, you’ll discover it’s a return to our Agrarian American roots, a step back into the past. Preppers are about doing things our grandmothers, grandfathers and great grandparents were doing in the fifties: gardening, canning, raising chickens and goats. Others are going high tech with wind turbines and solar cells. It’s sometimes referred to as “survival lite”; and it’s a real mixed bag; but they all have one thing in common–a sense that things are going to change drastically in the US, and they need to get self sufficient fast.

There are so many blogs, facebook pages and websites geared to this lively community, that they can’t all be listed in one place, so I won’t try. Here are a few of the best sites: The Survival Mom, Back Door Survival, Survival Blog and Urban Survival.

Supreme among them is the American Preppers Network. This network also has chapters in almost every state, which you can join separately. Needless to say, here at Aquaponics USA, we consider ourselves to be “Preppers”. We’d been operating this business for over a year when we discovered there was even such a thing as a “Prepper”; and we simultaneously realized we were among them. Since then we’ve gotten active on the American Preppers Network Forum and plan to continue with those posts. There's a List of Survival Blogs on their Home Page.


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