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Aquaponics 101 Part 7 Answers


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Below are the Answers to the Part 7 Quiz.

1.  ANSWER: "The fish are the engine of an AP System."

2.  ANSWER: "The water temperature the more it drives

    out the Oxygen from your AP System?"

3.  What are the common dissolved gases contained in water?

    ANSWER: "Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane, CO₂, and Hydrogen


4.  Which of these gases is released into the water when

    autotrophic bacteria break apart Ammonia (NH₃)?

    ANSWER: "Hydrogen"

5.  ANSWER: "The released Hydrogen is combined with Carbon

    DiOxide (CO₂) in the water to produce Carbonic Acid (H₂CO₃),

    which causes the water's pH to lower."

6.  What is one of the solutions to dealing with gasses in the


    ANSWER: "De-gasify them in a degassing tank"

7.  When is improving water quality beyond adding Heterotrophic

    bacteria a requirement in an AP System?

    ANSWER: "When you're building a large-scale commercial


8.  How many extra components did we add to our AP System

    when we built our Micro Food Forever™ Farm?

    ANSWER: "Two", Solid Seperation and Bio Conversion System

    and Water Enhancement Technology.

9.  What is the name of the Tower we designed?

    ANSWER: "WET", Water Enhancement Technology.

10. What did we add to the bottom of the WET Tower that makes

    it work?

    ANSWER: "Aeration"

11. ANSWER: "The Dissolved Oxygen in the water coming from

    the overflow of our Tower back to the fish tanks is at 97%

    saturation as measured on our trusty Milwaukee DO meter.

12. ANSWER: "The DO coming from our grow bed return to the

    fish tank is at 6.5 ppm or greater."

13. What is allowing us to grow vertical walls of lettuce in our

    Micro Farm Greenhouse?

    ANSWER: "Clear, clean water due to the Water Enhancement

    Technology additions"

If you're not happy with your results, just go back to Part 7, Re-read and Study it; and take the Quiz again. And, for the last time, it's not about the grade you get on the test, it's about the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to being an AP farmer.


13 Correct Answers = A+

12 Correct Answers = A

11 Correct Answers = B+

10 Correct Answers = B

Now, you can check your Answers and give yourself a Grade:

9 Correct Answers = C

8 Correct Answers = D

7 Correct Answers = D-

6 or Less Correct Answers = F