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Aquaponics 101 Part 1 Answers


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If you're not happy with your results, just go back to Part 1,  Re-read and Study it; and take the Quiz again. It's not about the grade you get on the test, it's about the enthusasim and dedication you bring to being an AP farmer.


14 Correct Answers = A+

13 Correct Answers = A

12 Correct Answers = B+

11 Correct Answers = B

10 Correct Answers = C

9 Correct Answers = D

8 Correct Answers = D-

7 or Less Correct Answers = F

Below are the Answers to the Part 1 Quiz.

1.  What is Aquaponics?

    ANSWER: "Aquaponics is raising fish and growing plants by

    using the fish waste as fertilizer for the plants."

2.  How long does it take most edible fish species to Grow Out?

    ANSWER: "A year or more"

3.  In what climate can you set up an AP System with minimal


    ANSWER: "Tropical"

4.  What is the Growing Season for Aquaponics fruits and

    veggies when the AP System is in a controlled Greenhouse?

    ANSWER: "Year-Round"

5.  How much less water is used in Aquaponics farming

    compared to tillage farming?

    ANSWER: "90%"

6.  Besides fish and plants, what is the general name of the

    third living organism in an AP System?

    ANSWER: "Bacteria"

7.  What are the names of the two types of this third living


    ANSWER: "Autotrophic and Heterotophic"

8.  Where do each of the two types of this third living organism

    live in system?

    ANSWER: "Autotrophic Bacteria attach themselves to any

    surface, and the Heterotophic Bacteria live in the water."

9.  How many kinds of waste do fish give out?

    ANSWER: "Two"

10. What are the names of these kinds of waste?

    ANSWER: "Ammonia and Solid Fish Effluent"

11. Besides holding your plants, what second important role does

    a Media-filled Grow Bed play in an AP System?

    ANSWER: "It works as a Bio-Filter"

12. What is the name of the bacteria that converts ammonia into


    ANSWER: "Autotrophic Bacteria"

13. ANSWER: The fish can tolerate 100 times more Nitrates than

    Nitrites and Ammonia.

14. Besides fish food, what needs to be replaced on a continuous

    basis for the system to work properly?

    ANSWER: "Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Water"

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