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Aquaponics 101 Part 2 Answers


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If you're not happy with your results, just go back to Part 2, Re-read and Study it; and take the Quiz again. It's not about the grade you get on the test, it's about the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to being an AP farmer. Oliver

14 Correct Answers = A+

13 Correct Answers = A

12 Correct Answers = B+

11 Correct Answers = B

10 Correct Answers = C

Below are the Answers to the Part 2 Quiz.

1.  Why can't you grow your AP Lettuce in a fish tank full of


    ANSWER: "The Tilapia will eat the roots"

2.  ANSWER: The most simplified AP System combines the grow

     bed and the bio-filter into a single unit.  

3.  Since you're not using soil in an AP System, what is the

     general term for what you place in your grow beds?

     ANSWER: "Grow Bed Media"

4.  There are two main reasons you want the water in your

    grow bed to be 1 inch below the media. What are they?

    ANSWER: a. "To keep the media from growing algae" b."To

    keep the bottom leaves of your plants from growing mold"

5.  What is the optimum grow bed container depth?

    ANSWER: "12 inches"

6.  What is the disadvantage of using shorter than optimum-

    depth grow beds?

    ANSWER: "The planting area fish and bio-filter ratio is not

    optimum, which will cause fish waste to accumulate in the

    grow bed."  

7.  Why is it best to have 2 deep media beds instead of just

    one in your AP system.

    ANSWER: "This allows you to shut down one grow bed to

    clean out any plant roots between plantings and still have

    the other grow bed working to keep the water clean and

    safe for the fish."

8.  What are the two types of media in media filled grow beds?

    ANSWER: "Hydroton and Gravel"

9.  Of the two types of mediain media filled grow beds, which

    one is superior and why?

    ANSWER: "Hydroton is superior because it has a lot of

    surface area for your bacteria to live on, it's pH neutral and

    it is easy to work with."

10. Why should you not attempt to spray the water that you're

    recirculating into your grow beds?

    ANSWER: "The spray holes will get clogged with fish waste."

11. What is one of the best ways to drain a flood and drain

    grow bed?

    ANSWER: "With a Siphon"

12. ANSWER: The more often you flood and drain your grow

    beds, the more Oxygen will be added to your fish tank.

13. ANSWER: If you're using media filled grow beds, you need a

    1 : 1 ratio between the fish tank size and the grow bed size.

14. ANSWER: A complete cleaning of deep media grow beds,

    meaning emptying them and cleaning the media and the bed

    should take place about every 2 years.

9 Correct Answers = D

8 Correct Answers = D-

7 or Less Correct Answers = F

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