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Aquaponics 101 Part 4 Answers


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If you're not happy with your results, just go back to Part 4, Re-read and Study it; and take the Quiz again. It's not about the grade you get on the test, it's about the enthusiasm and dedication you bring to being an AP farmer.   Oliver

15 Correct Answers = A+

14 Correct Answers = A

13 Correct Answers = B+

12 Correct Answers = B

11 Correct Answers = C+

10 Correct Answers = C

Now, you can check your Answers and give yourself a Grade:

9 Correct Answers = D

8 Correct Answers = D-

7 or Less Correct Answers = F

Below are the Answers to the Part 4 Quiz.

1.  What element besides DO in your AP System provides life to

    the organisms in your system?

    ANSWER: "Water"

2.  ANSWER: The best way to measure the DO in your system is

    to huse a DO Meter.

3.  What does the "p" stand for in the symbol "pH"?

    ANSWER: "Power"

4.  What does the "H" stand for in the symbol "pH"?

    ANSWER: "Hydrogen"

5.  When pH is neutral, it is at what number?

    ANSWER: "7"

6.  ANSWER: If you add acid to your water, your pH goes down.

7.  What is the function of a Float Valve in an AP fish tank?

    ANSWER: "A Float Valve will assure you that the water in

    your Fish Tank remains at the proper level. Your water will

    never get too low to stress or kill your fish."

8.  What is the purpose of an API Freshwater Master test Kit?

    ANSWER: "It is used to measure your water chemistry"

9.  What items does the Fresh Water Test Kit measure?

    ANSWER: "It measures pH high and low, Ammonia, Nitrites

    and Nitrates."

10. ANSWER: "To measure pH, it is best to use a pH Meter."

11. Where do you place your pH probe when it's not in use?

    ANSWER: "In clean water"

12. ANSWER: "If you use a commercial pH-up chemical, it is

    safe if it contains only Potassium Hydroxide."

13. ANSWER: "Calcium Hydroxide (Lime) can also be used as a

    pH-Up solution as long as you use it sparingly."

14. Why does gravel from a riverbed or supplier sometimes

    cause a problem in your AP System?

    ANSWER: "It can affect your pH in a negative way"

15. What does Cycling Your System mean?

    ANSWER: "Cycling your system simply means that you want

    to turn on the water and air pumps and add some ammonia

    (with or without fish) so you can populate your grow beds

    with autotrophic bacteria."